Navigating Your Project Dashboard

Your Project Dashboard is where you will find on overview of all of the Projects that are either available for bidding or that you have already begun creating content for. Below, you will find a brief walkthrough of each of the tabs on your Dashboard. 

  • Available For Bidding: This is where you will find all Projects that are accepting bids at this time. You will be able to click into each Project to review the details and see if this Project is a fit for your connections. 
  • Offers: This is where you will find Direct Offers awaiting your approval.
  • In Progress: This is where you will find bids and content you have submitted that are pending a Marketers approval or have been saved for you to come back to later. 
  • Completed: This is where you will find bids you have completed or content that has been completed but has failed verification.

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