Cold Pitches: How To View Unsolicited Pitches From Freelancers

The Pitch Board is not only for requesting responses from freelancers to your project needs, but also finding new story ideas from freelancers. Freelancers can post pitches to be seen by all editors in your organization. This way, the most appropriate editor can pick up an interesting project. This is different from direct pitches by a freelancer to a specific editor, where only that editor can see it.  By encouraging freelancers to post to your organization's Pitch Board, you can have an external flow of project ideas that can be picked from.


Accepting a pitch:

  1. Go to the Pitch Board.
  2. Click on the “Pitches” button below the Pitch Board tab.
  3. Enter tags, keywords, or minimum fee to narrow your search.
  4. Click on a project card.
  5. You can either go into negotiation with the freelancer or accept is to start the project right away. The freelancer will receive a notification when this happens, and will be able to communicate with you through the project's comments section. Details on the two methods are below.
  6. Click on “Counter” to enter negotiations with the freelancer. Once the project enters negotiation, it is taken off of the Pitch Board and functions like a normal pitch. Click on “Accept” to tell the freelancer to begin work on the project and remove it from the Pitch Board. The pitch enters the active stage like a normal pitch.

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