How To Approve An Invoice Submitted By A Freelancer

Editors can approve invoices submitted by freelancers for work done outside of a project or for expenses incurred during a project.

Approve Invoice:

  1. Click on "Invoices" in the Folder Rail. All invoices submitted to you will appear in the List Rail. The red tab signifies the invoice needs your attention.
  2. Select the invoice you want to review. Detailed information will appear in the Detail Rail.
  3. Click the "Approve & Pay" button. 
  4. You must then authorize the purchase and agree to Ebyline's terms to complete the purchase. This step also allows you to select the correct accounting codes required by your Organization. Accounting codes can be adjusted after this step if needed. 


-Note you can download assets attached to the invoice by using the "Download Bundle" button found on the purchased invoice in your "Transaction" page.

Request Revision:

Use this to request changes to a submitted invoice.

  1. Click the "Request a Revision button.
  2. Enter the reason for the request. You will be notified when the freelancer submits the revised invoice.

Reject Invoice:

  1. Click on Options (gear icon with drop down arrow)
  2. Select "Reject"

Reassign Invoice:

  1. Click on "View People".
  2. Select the 'x' next to the Approver.
  3. Enter a new name and click the "Save" button.


Expenses with Pitches:
During a "pitch" negotiation, a freelancer can request for expenses to be included in their pitch by checking the "Allow Expenses" box.

If you do not want expenses included with the pitch, uncheck the "Allow Expenses" box during the negotiation process.
Pre-authorize Expenses with Assignment:
When you create an assignment for a freelancer, check the "Allow Expenses" box to pre-authorize expenses with that assignment.

  1. Create an assignment
  2. Check "Allow Expenses" box on the "Project Details" page.

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