Submitting Completed Work (Single Stories or Regular Columns)

Sending in your Weekly column to your editor, or a completed project that you received and negotiated outside of Ebyline is easy. Use the steps below to create a new project for your editor that contains the content, files and the amount due you. Your editor can quickly review and approve the project for payment

If the assignment or pitch already exists in your List Rail, click on the title of the project and skip to step #9.

Submit Work:

1) Click the "Create Project" button at the the top left of your screen.

2) Enter the title of your project.

3) Click the "I'm submitting completed work" check box.  (See example below)


4) Click the "Next" button.

5) Type the name of your editor you want to pitch in the "Approver" field and select from the drop down list.

6) Enter your fee in U.S. Dollars. Do not include a dollar sign ($). Note: Ebyline does not determine the fee of a project. The fee is negotiated between you and the editor you are working with. 

7) Enter today's date in the "When can you deliver this project?" field.

8) Click the "Add Content" button.

9) Click the "Body" link.

10) Copy/paste or enter your story content into the Body section of the project.

11) Click the "Files" navigation link and "Add File" button to upload assets (i.e. press releases or images). Skip this step if you do not have files to attach.

12) You can use the "Include Expenses" checkbox to add additional expenses as individual line items. Review our guide on how to enter expenses here.

13) Click the "Submit Project" button.

14) Agree to the terms by checking both boxes and clicking "Accept".

The project status bar will show that your pitch has been submitted. The editor will be notified of your completed work.

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