Assignments: How To Accept/Respond To Assigned Projects

Assignments are created by editors and sent directly to a freelancer.

Assignment Notification:

Freelancers will receive an Ebyline email alert and a new project will appear in the "List Rail" section with a red tab indicator. At this point, you have the option to Accept, Counter or Decline the Assignment.

Accept Assignment:

1) Click on the title of the project in the List Rail.

2) Click on the "Accept" button, indicating the Assignment terms are correct and you want to work on the project. 

3) Read and accept the organization's and Ebyline's Terms and Conditions which must be agreed to before beginning work. Agree to the terms by checking both boxes and clicking "Accept". 

4) The editor will be notified via email that you have accepted the Assignment.

Counter Assignment:

1) Click on the title of the project in the List Rail.

2) Click on the "Counter" button, indicating that you want to further negotiate the Assignment terms.

3) Change the necessary fields to update the project to your new terms. You can edit the Location, Category, Publisher, Deadline, Total Fee, and Kill Fee.

4) Click "Submit Revision" to send your offer to the editor. You will be prompted to enter a comment on the counter, which will be included in the email.

Note: After submitting a counter-offer, you will not be able to take any additional action on the project until the editor has taken action. The editor can either Accept, Decline or Counter-offer with new terms.

Decline Assignment:

1) Click on the title of the project in the List Rail. 

2) Click on the "Decline" button, indicating that you do not want to work on the project.

Note: You will no longer be able to view or accept the project.

Complete and submit Assignment:

1) Select the "Body" navigation link.

2) Enter the text for the project. This step is very important even if you have already submitted your text via email. This way you have a permanent record in Ebyline of what was submitted.

3) Click "Submit Draft". This sends the Assignment back to your editor, who can now purchase it. You will receive an email notification from Ebyline when your editor purchases the project. There is nothing additional that you need to do to get paid for the project. 

Note: To ensure you receive all Ebyline alert emails, be sure to add to your email contacts.

Note: Ebyline does not determine the fee of a project. The fee is negotiated between you and the editor you are working with.

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