Sample Content Opportunity

When creating your Content opportunity, you will need to include specific information in the Opportunity Overview to help guide the Creators when creating their content. Make sure to include information such as: 

  • Word count
  • Due date
  • Actual assets to be created (magazine article, blog post, etc.) *Please note that you can only request one asset per opportunity. If you require multiple blog posts, for example, you must create multiple opportunities. 
  • Where the text will be published
  • If it will be bylined
  • Any special skills needed (healthcare writing, etc.)
  • What kind of interviews/research will be required

The Overview should provide the Creator with information about your company/publication as well as information about the content you are requesting. 

Sample Opportunity Overviews:

Press Release

Can you turn even a news release into poetry? We need a savvy journalist with a flair for PR to prepare a press release for our brand covering the topic below. We're looking for 500 words that will get noticed, get read and get us covered. You will be required to interview members of our team to gain insight into our company.

Blog Post 

We are looking for an ace blogger to write a post of approximately 500 words for our blog (see examples). We seek timely but long-lasting topics, a catchy headline and at least one original source or interview coupled with background from the web, publications, research, etc. To work with us, start by shooting over a headline and one-sentence description of what the post will cover, who will be interviewed and what our audience will take away from it.

Feature Article

We are looking for ace reporters with a sense of storytelling and a habit of turning in pristine text to become feature contributors. Are you an idea machine with an infinite rolodex of sources? Then pitch us a great headline and one-sentence teaser (see below for the topics that interest us and examples) and let us know why you were born to write for us.

White Paper

Do you make business-to-business content fun and exciting for readers? Then we want your help producing a 2,500 word white paper/how-to guide for our customers, suppliers and colleagues. Our thought leadership piece should be cutting edge but long-lasting—one part advice and education (where we are), one part insight (where we're going). You will interview sources, find great examples and pull the latest and best research and data into an easy-to-digest package that we can push through all of our marketing channels.


Are you a stats nerd, graphic genius and storyteller rolled into one? Do you communicate best with exploded pie charts? We are looking for a dynamite infographic that's easy on the eyes but candy for the brain and guaranteed to get buzz. Our infographic author should be able to take our initial idea (see below), assemble the right numbers and facts (nothing but meticulous sourcing will do) and create an original and entertaining graphic.


We are seeking a top-notch videographer to shoot and edit a short video including interviewing subjects, inserting graphics and lower thirds and audio production and mixing. Length 2 to 3 minutes (see below for subject matter).

Opportunity Requirements

The Requirement section should reiterate exactly what you want the Creator to do. Each box will create a new bullet point ensuring that the Creator meets all of your expectations. 

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