Understanding Your Opportunity Analytics

Not only can you view Analytics for your entire Campaign, but you can also view them per Opportunity. Opportunity Analytics will help you determine which platform worked best for your Campaign needs. With Opportunity Analytics you can determine ROI, Reach and Engagements per platform (Facebook, Blogs, Instagram ect). Please note the following metrics are for illustrative purposes only and are generated from a test account; these examples do not in any way represent typical results.

Viewing Your Opportunity Analytics:

1. Once logged in, you will see your Campaign Dashboard. Click on the Campaign name you wish to view and then you will be taken to the list of Opportunities that comprise that Campaign.

2. Once on the Campaign Dashboard, you will be able to select the Opportunity you would like to view. To view the Analytics for a specific Opportunity, select the Opportunity name and then click on the Analytics tab.

3. Your Opportunity is live and Creators have begun to publish their content you will be able to view the individual Opportunity Analytics. The Opportunity Analytics dashboard will show metrics such as Engagements, ROI, Total Social Value, etc. Please note that Views and Engagements are pulled directly from the corresponding platforms. 

  • Published- The number of pieces of content that have been posted to the Creator's social channel(s) and submitted back into the system for final verification.
  • Engagements- Likes, Favorites, Shares, & Retweets.
  •            Likes + Shares + Retweets = Engagements
  • Reach- The total number of people that could have seen the content based on the paid reach plus the earned reach from shared posts. This takes into account the number of followers the paid Creators have as well as the number of followers the people who shared the post have. 
  •           Paid Reach: Total reach for the Connections paid for/chosen to participate in your Campaign.
  •           Earn Reach: Total reach for the connections that organically shared the content from the Creators.
  •           Paid Reach + Earned Reach From Shares = Reach
  • Views- The number of views the content received.
  • ShareMonitor- The number of links tracked using the ShareMonitor tool.
  • TSV (Total Social Value)- The value that the Campaign delivered. This value is determined by the amount paid for all pieces of content plus the earned content based on shares
  •           Paid + Earned = Total Social Value
  • ROI- The total return on your initial investment calculated by the Total Social Value (the amount you paid plus the amount you earned) divided by the amount you paid. This will show the increase realized from shares.
  •           TSV / Paid = ROI
  • Earned Uplift- Total reach of the Campaign divided by the paid reach. This is the additional reach that the Campaign delivered beyond what was paid.
  •           Total Reach / Paid Reach = Earned Uplift

Metrics Drill-Down 

You can drill-down into the Engagements, Reach, Views, ShareMonitor, and Total Social Value Statistics by clicking the tabs above the chart. Each chart will provide you with live data that is tracked and monitored by our system. 


Shows Clicks, Likes, Comments, and Shares across all of the posts within the Opportunity. 


The graph and statistics at the top will show the reach for the entire Opportunity. 


Shows the number of views the pieces of content from the Opportunity have received.


ShareMonitor allows you to keep track of how many times your URLs are shared on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest. 

Total Social Value

Shows the amount paid for all pieces of content plus the earned content based on shares over time.

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