Inviting Users To Delegated Content Review

With Delegated Content Review, Clients will be able to access and review a Creator’s posts. You will be able to have multiple Clients review content. The Clients can view previous comments as well as add their own. Time limits can be set by you to ensure that Client reviews are completed in a timely manner.

This article will walk you through sending content to Clients for review. 

1. Locate and select the Campaign from the Marketer Dashboard. 

2. From here you will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard. You will now need to give the Clients access to view the Creators content. Locate and select the Access tab. 

4. Then select Invite User

5. You will need to fill out the following information; Name, Email Address, what you would like to give them access to, and also the Review Duration. If you set the user as the Primary Reviewer they will review the content last and will not have a limit on how long they have to review the content. If everything looks good, hit Submit

6. The User will receive an email where they will need to create their Enterprise account. Then they will be able to view all of the Content that needs their review.

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