What Are Flexible Timelines?

What Are Flexible Timelines?  

With Flexible Timelines, Marketers can set their own due dates to better control the flow of their content production. These dates are modifiable throughout the offer workflow and will allow Marketers to adjust to real-world scenarios.

Campaign Flight Dates 

Campaigns can now be configured with start and end dates for flighting. These dates serve as defaults when Marketers go on to create Opportunities and send Offers. Campaign flight dates can be adjusted at any point during the Campaign. If adjusted, these dates will only affect new Opportunities created.

Due & Publish Dates 

Offers now have explicit dates when content is due, and for Sponsorship, when that content should be published. Due dates can be modified on a per-Offer basis at any point during the workflow, and Creators will be notified appropriately. We have also increased the visibility of Offers that require manually publishing for Creators and added email notifications to remind them to post their content

Publishing Window  

With Publish Date, you can set a window for publishing. The post will be available to publish on Publish date and stay open for your creators for the set amount of days. For example, if your content is set to publish on the 24th of June you can set a 7-day publishing window. This means starting June 24th, Creators will have 7 days to publish their content. 

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