Adding And Removing Additional Files To Your Opportunity

During the Opportunity creation process, you will be able to add up to five Additional Files to your Opportunity. These files are to be supplemental only and are not intended to change the requirements for the Opportunity. 

1. Once you have started to Create your Opportunity scroll down the Additional Files portion of the Opportunity creation page. This section can be found under the Requirements section. 

2. From here you will be able to Upload files from your desktop or link to a specific URL:

2.1 Upload From Desktop

Select Upload Files

Chose the file you would like to upload from your desktop and select Open

From here the file(s) will be added to your Opportunity.

2.2 Add File From URL

Click the drop-down arrow next to Upload Files and select Add File From URL.

Add your Link and select Attach Link

From here the link(s) will be added to your Opportunity.

3. Now that you have uploaded your files and/or links, you have the option to make them visible or inviable to the Creator during the bidding process. By default the files will always be visible, however, to make them invisible select the eye icon. A slash will appear through the eye icon indicating that this file is now invisible to the Creator until a final price and negotiations have been made. 

4. If you would like to remove any files from your Opportunity select the trash can icon. A pop-up will appear, select Yes, Remove Files.

4. Once you have added and/or removed all of your files, continue to fill out your Opportunity details and submit for review.

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