Create A Facebook Photo Opportunity

Now that have created your first Campaign you will need to create individual opportunities for Creators to participate in. When you are ready to Create your Opportunity, make sure you are on the Sponsorship tab and not on the Content tab. The Content tab is for creating opportunities without social distribution.

Please note a few things about Facebook Opportunities before you continue: 

  • Facebook Opportunities are only made available to Facebook Pages - not personal Facebook accounts!
  • Facebook now requires all sponsored content to appear with the Branded Content Tool. This sponsored requirement can now be programmatically added to all Facebook opportunities. If you choose to opt out of the Facebook Branded Content Tool, please keep in mind that Facebook may remove the Creators posts. If this occurs the Creators will still need to be compensated for their work. 

1. Create Your New Opportunity

Click the drop-down next to Actions in the upper right-hand corner and select Create Opportunity.

2. Select Opportunity Type

Select the Photo Opportunity type and click Next. From here select the social platform you would like to utilize and click Next

3. Define Your Opportunity

This form will help you explain the campaign details to the Creators and let them know what they are expected to do. Make sure to put everything the Creators will need to know in this form to cut back on the back and forth communication through the Offer Chat tool. 

3.1 Upload a Photo

This will be the icon for your Opportunity. Please note that this image must be 960 x 960 px.

1. Click the Choose Image button.

2. Select a photo you have used in the past or a file from your computer.

3. If you uploaded a new image, you can crop your image and then click Save.

3.2 Opportunity Details

Title- This will be the name that the Creators will see when the Opportunity appears in their Dashboard.

Marketer Label- This is the internal name of your Opportunity to help you organize your different Opportunities. You can make this label as detailed as possible for better management. 

Overview:- Within this section, you should provide the Creators with a brief overview of your company/product and the overall goals for your campaign.

Ideal Candidate- This section allows you to describe the types of candidates you are looking to have post for you. For example, "moms with children between the ages of 5-10" or "college students enrolled in at least two classes this semester."

Requirements- The Requirements sections should tell the Creators exactly what they are expected to do and should provide them with some possible options for them to create their photo. Each box will create a bullet point which you will be able to check off when reviewing content.

Brand Mention- Under Facebook’s branded content policy, sponsored content must have a special tag. Posts will appear in their News Feed as ‘with’ your brand.

Additional Elements- You can provide the Destination Link as well as required or optional elements such as a Hashtag, or Facebook Page mention. Click Add Element to add a Hashtag or Facebook Page mention.

Due Date & Time- This is the default deadline for content to be submitted and published in this Opportunity. These times can be edited at a later date on an offer by offer basis. Creators will be notified when these dates and times change in their account. 

Opportunity Type

  • Open Bidding- Open Bidding Opportunities will be sent to everyone who meets your search criteria (as set on the Targeting page in the next step). This will allow the Creators to bid on the Opportunity to show their interest. From there, you will be able to hand select the Creators you would like to participate in the Campaign.
  • Invite Only- Invite Only Opportunities will only be sent to Creators you choose after the Opportunity is created.

Maximum Bid (For Open Bidding only)- The Maximum Bid allows you to set pricing parameters so that Creators cannot bid over a certain price. 

Short URL- Select the Short URL format you would like to be included in the Facebook post.

Terms & Conditions- If you have any supplemental terms & conditions for this opportunity you will need to add them at this time. Supplemental terms & conditions must be uploaded from the Tools Section before you can add them to your Opportunity. 

4. Target Your Creator

This page will allow you to set your targeting criteria so that your opportunity is only presented to Creators who meet your campaign criteria. You can check the Advanced options box to also target by life stage, education, and additional audience criteria.

Target the Creator

  • Gender
  • Age Range 
  • Language
  • Location 
  • Family 
  • Relationship
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Income 

Target the Connection

  • Statistics 
  • Community

Target the Connection's Audience

  • Gender 
  • Language 
  • Age Range 
  • Income 
  • Ethnicity

5. Review Your Opportunity

Review your Opportunity and go back to edit any areas that need more information. You can save this Opportunity and return to it later by clicking Sponsorship to return to your dashboard or click Submit to submit your Opportunity for review. 

Once submitted, your Opportunity will be sent to our Review Team to ensure it meets the minimum requirements and does not violate any points in the Terms of Service. All Opportunities are reviewed within three business days. You will receive an email from our team if your Opportunity was approved or if it needs to be revised.

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