Sponsorship Opportunity Best Practices

Creating an Opportunity is the first step on the road to receiving some great social content. A well-written Opportunity is critical to receive the type of content you are looking for. We have provided some best practices to keep in mind while creating your Opportunity for Creators.


-Provide talking points or sample content for the Creators to expand on. Creators are excited to write for you and your brand but they need a starting point to help kick-start the creative juices. Providing them with talking points & examples does exactly this.

-Include an Opportunity Icon Photo that really showcases what the Creators will be talking about. You can learn more about including an optimized Opportunity photo here

-Include all links, photos, and other assets in the Opportunity so Creators know exactly what will be required in their post before they accept the offer. (If you are creating a photo update and have a photo that you would like the Creators to share, please provide a link to the image hosted online. We like to leave it up to the Creators to create their own content but understand the need to have them share a pre-made photo in some cases.) 

-Allow the Creators to be creative! They may think of new ways to feature your brand or product that you may not have thought of previously.

-Check for typos before you submit your Opportunity! You can't expect Creators to post content that is error-free if your Opportunity is not error-free. 

-Give Creators an idea of when this content will need to be submitted by and when it will go live. If this is a seasonal campaign and posts are needed to go live quickly, please mention this in the Opportunity. 


-Ask Creators to copy text word-for-word. Allow Creators to get creative and create fun content that you may have not thought of previously.

-Ask Creators to post "do-follow links". As mandated by the FTC, all sponsored posts must include no-follow links to protect Marketers and Creators from search engine penalties based on paid linking.

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