Opportunity Icon Photo Requirements

Your Opportunity icon photo is a very important piece of your Opportunity that will help Creators decide if they would like to learn more and bid on your Opportunity. This photo should be a representation of the Campaign as a whole. We have included some general rules of thumb to keep in mind when creating your icon photo: 

  • Photos must be 960 x 960 px.
  • The photo should not include your brand logo.
  • No cartoon images will be accepted.
  • The image should not contain mostly words/lettering/numbers.
  • Photos should be of a real-life image.
  • Because of the way that our app is designed, the top and bottom portions of the photo will be cut off in the mobile app so please keep this in mind when selecting a photo. The following image shows the section of the image that will appear on the mobile app:

Opportunity icon photos will be displayed to users in two different ways depending on how the Creator is accessing their account:

1. On the desktop version

The Opportunity icon image appears as a small photo next to the name of the opportunity.

This is how the images appear when the Creator clicks Bid.

2. On the mobile version

The Opportunity icon photo appears as a large image under your profile image. This image should make the Creator want to click to learn more about the opportunity. The Profile image will appear as a small icon next to the Opportunity name.

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